SWILL - The liquor store in your pocket.

Proudly serving New York City. You must be 21 years of age to use this service.

Easy and Engaging

SWILL is a platform that connects consumers with local merchants to provide convenient, on-demand delivery of beer, wine, spirits and mixers, making purchases easy and engaging.


Learn and Explore

Order your favorites or discover new brands of wine, spirits, or beer. Explore reviews, tasting notes, and recommendations to help you in your selection.


Secure and Convenient

SWILL users will avoid last-minute store runs, skip the line and can send gifts - all from the convenience of their own devices. Safe, reliable, cash-free delivery makes it easy to plan a party or even celebrate an impromptu occasion deserving of a toast.

FREE Fast Delivery

The end of the beer run. Delivery in 60 minutes or less

We work with some of the best wine, beer and spirits stores in your local area. Our expansive network of stores helps provide an expansive selection of product, prices and fast delivery. This is the end of the "beer run" as we know it.


SWILL verb \'swil\ : to drink or eat freely or greedily.

Delivery in under 60 minutes

Amazing selection and service

We support local small businesses

The user-friendly app and web-based platform also features sophisticated technology offering a variety of premium and affordable alcohol choices. By tapping into a large retail network for the best product selection, Swill supports small business by relying on their inventory and promoting their stores.


First Call. Last Call. Every Call.

Simply the best way to enjoy wine, beer or spirits.

SWILL is a platform built by drinkers for drinkers. Whether you are making a purchase for yourself or sending a gift, SWILL makes the experience easy, convenient and fun. There's a world of great products out there to discover and enjoy. Use SWILL to bring them to you at the press of a button.


Learn about some of our current features and a sneak peak of what's coming soon.

Real Time Inventory

Enter your location or delivery address and instantly receive real time inventory of wine, beer or spirits in your hands.


Celebrating a special occasion or a special someone ? Going to a dinner at someone’s house ? Send them a gift of wine, beer or spirits from your phone.

Incredible Selection

Browse an amazing selection of products with detailed images, descriptions and feedback from other SWILL customers.


Looking for something specific ? Instantly search and find what you are looking for.

Real Time Notification

Get real time notifications about your delivery and the status of your order.

Local Events

Get notified about exclusive local tasting and promotional events around you through the app.

Available on all Major Platforms.


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We are committed to making SWILL something that you will want and love. New features, more selection and more service areas. Stay tuned.